Saturday, September 5, 2009

Would You Help Me Out? Pretty Please, With Salsa Verde On It?

Hi All!

I am semi-finalist in a recipe contest sponsored by Jose Ole (food products, not the man.  Who is Jose Ole by the way?), and a portion of the score that they use to determine the fifteen finalists is determined by an online vote.   If any or all of you would take a look at my recipe, and, if you decide it is worthy of a vote, I'd appreciate your support!  (Links in a minute.)  And yes, there should be little accent marks over the E's in Jose Ole, but I don't know how to put them there.  Anyway...

The final fifteen will receive a one hundred dollar gift certificate to (Yay!) and the grand prize winner will receive.....GULP......a $20,000 gift card to the home improvement store of their choice!!!!!!  (Applause!)

It's hard to imagine winning such a big prize.  So I'm not going to imagine it.  No, I will not even think about what I could do with a $20,000 gift card.  I will not think about the lumber that I could buy to help build our dream house in the woods.  I will not think about a brand new stainless steel French door refrigerator with two freezer drawers on the bottom.  I absolutely WILL NOT picture any granite countertops in my mind.

No, I will not.  My mind is blank.  No, wait.  I am thinking about lint.

But if you wouldn't mind, here is the link to my recipe:

If for some reason the link doesn't work, you can hop on over to and look for my recipe in the quick and easy meals category.  I'm Lorie R. from Buckatunna, MS.

There is only a one time vote per email address.  It just takes a second and all you have to do is click on the voting link, then type in your email address.  It's as easy as frittata!

There's only one more week left to vote!!

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