Monday, November 23, 2009

My Thanksgiving Menu

For Thanksgiving this year, my husband and I are going to his brother's house, which means I won't be hosting the dinner, I'll just be supplementing. 

I am 39 years-old and I have never actually hosted a Thanksgiving meal myself.  Next year, it's my year.   Mark it down.  Put out the flyers.  Lorie's hosting dinner even if she is the only person who shows up.

But for this year, I have a list of things to bring and here they are:

Two smoked turkey breasts.  My hubby will do these.  And I say that very loosely.  I bought them, thawed them, will remove the wrapper, inject them, season them, clean up all the raw turkey blood/juice that will get on my counter and then he will put them on the grill and smoke them.   Then I'll insert the thermometer and let him know when they're done.  Then he'll remove them to a pan that I've handed him and he'll bring them into me and I'll cover them with foil.   Later on, I'll wash the pan.  I'll probably clean up the grill, too.  And he'll get all the credit.

Two coconut pies.  I've never made a coconut pie before.  I have a zillion recipes, but my hubby said he wanted an old- fashioned coconut cream pie with meringue.  I am a whipped cream girl, so after much searching, the two recipes I've settled on are both from Emeril Lagasse.  Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie for me because it has coconut milk in it and Coconut Cream Pie for hubby because it has meringue and seems old-fashioned.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  I have already made six Perfect Pie Crusts and they are waiting for me in the fridge and freezer.

Italian Cream Cake.  My brother-in-law Larry just has to have this at Thanksgiving, or so says my sister-in-law, Tamara.  My mother-in-law usually makes this but the torch has been passed to me.

Mashed Potatoes.  I would reeeeaaallly like to make these mashed potatoes, but my in-laws and hubby are really into traditional Thanksgiving food, so roasted corn in the mashed potatoes would probably not be a good idea.  I'll just make the regular ones.  You really should try them sometime, though.  I don't mean to brag, but they are really, really delicious.  You could leave out the cilantro and chipotle and they would be awesome covered in gravy.

Brown Gravy.  For my hubby.  He doesn't do giblet gravy.  My mom makes some killer giblet gravy and I love it.  But I won't be with my mom. :o(  I've already bought my McCormick brown gravy packets.  [Foodies shudder everywhere.] ;o)

Italian Salad.  Just wanted something fresh and raw.  I know it's not Thanksgiving-y, but oh well.

Here are a couple of other recipes I wanted to link you up to.  For the last three or four years, I have been eyeing this recipe in one of my Pampered Chef cookbooks, but have never gotten around to making it.  Last night at our Thanksgiving supper at church, the fabulous Tonya Bedwell brought one that she had made.  I seriously had to hold my self back from eating a second piece.  Total yumminess.

Also, my own sweet Amber made this Turtle Pumpkin Pie and even though I am temperamental about pumpkin, it was really, really good.   She's turning all domestic-y and the transformation brings me happiness, joy, and lots of snickering behind her back. 

So that's what I'm bringing.  I don't know if I'll be blogging this week or not.  Sugar Plum said she will be live pie blogging on Wednesday, so I'll be checking in with her as well as all of my other foodie friends.  If I was a decent blogger, I would live blog, too.  I'll have to think about it.

And for your viewing pleasure...


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  1. Uh, you did say you weren't hosting Thanksgiving, right?!I went back and read that twice. Was it a typo? 'Cause if all that food isn't a Thanksgiving meal I don't know what is! Why didn't you just have everyone over that way you don't have to tote all that glorious food. Oh, yeah your Hubby can't be too old fashion, coconut cream pie is NOT traditional! I'm pretty sure the pilgrams didn't have coconuts. :)
    Lorie I love your sense of humor!
    Hope you and your family have the Happiest Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you for the gravy compliment. I know everyone will enjoy all the wonderful things you are bringing. Where did you find the awesome pic of the owl??? It's perfect. Love, Mom
    P.S. Please bring me some kind of dessert leftovers. Ramey's only does sweet potato pie and I'm not a fan...:0)

  3. Ingrid-we are also having more traditional pecan and pumpkin. And can you believe a fried turkey, also? We will be on turkey overload.
    Taylor- I know, it IS a lot of food supplementing. I really should just say I am co-hosting, huh? I love coconut, too.
    Mom-I got you covered in the dessert department! The owl is just a picture off the net...but I love it for some reason.

  4. Hey! That's me! I got excited when I read that.
    Several things:
    I like that owl. I like owls. We have a lot that hoot around out house.
    I've never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, either. My parents won't let me do anything except bake pies, because I might make something not traditional.
    LOL about your hubby and grilling.
    I prefer a whipped cream topping over meringue, too.
    We've been using those gravy packets for years. It's what I'm used to, so I think I actually prefer them. :) Isn't real gravy like, super fattening?

  5. Emily-Yes, I think gravy is fattening. I can actually make a pretty good gravy from scratch, but I won't have any drippings since we're smoking our turkey.
    My husband can make a really good owl hoot sound with his's uncanny how much he sounds like an owl.

  6. Hey sis. We are eating with our neighbors and I am in charge of bread & desserts. I bought 3 different kinds of rolls. The neat frozen ones that have to rise...little scared they wont turn I bought a couple of others that I just have to bake - okay warm in the oven - tee hee hee. But for dessert, you will be proud of me, I am MAKING a pumpkin pie for Bob, a pecan pie for John, chocolate delight for the kiddos and a coconut cake (the ooey gooey super moist one mom makes) for me. The pumpkin pie is probably going to be ok but I took the easy way out and bought libby's pumpkin pie filling and all I have to do is just add eggs and evap milk to then bake. Surely they have the spices right??? They are the pumpkin people aren't they??? Do you know if the pecan pie recipe on the Karo dark syrup bottle is decent??? Hope so - that is what I am using. I need the recipe for the chocolate delight but I bet I can google it. Anyway, feeling very domesticated for some reason. Maybe I am sick...???
    I love the owl pic too. We have a lot of owls around here. I listened to them all the time. Oh and tell Richard that food he eats on a float trip made me throw up just a little bit in my mouth. Totally kidding, but I could have so kept thinking about it and it would have happened. lol. Love you sis. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Lisa-Wow someone has been in the java to leave such a loooong comment, teehee!
    Yes, Richard's food makes me throw up a little in my mouth, too.
    Yes, I think that is a basic pecan pie recipe and will do you just fine. I don't do pumpkin pie, so I guess you'll have to trust Libby.
    That is a BUNCH of desserts for a non-cooker type like you...I am so proud of you! Wish I was there. I remember John's yummy fried turkey from last year. Love you LOTS!!!!